Build Muscle Mass with Duck Meat – Know How You Can

To build muscle mass you require balanced energy that is you need more calorie intake than you really burn. To build one pound muscle you require around 2,800 calories with good amount of protein content.

Even though, you can build 227g muscle per week by taking extra calories, you will get extra fat as well. So, you have to follow proper diet to build your muscle quickly and efficiently. Including healthy meat like duck will help to increase your muscle mass by staying lean.

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Tips to build muscle

Adequate amount of protein intake is essential to build as well as maintain muscle mass. For this, you have to take 1g of protein for 454g weight of body. The simple way for getting whole protein is:

  • Add protein rich food like duck, lentils, vegetables, eggs, and others.
  • Also, you have to eat for every 3 hours, take healthy fats, and eat carbs immediately after workout.

Building muscle mass with duck

Baked and sliced duck breast 100g – According to nutritionists, 100g of duck breast contains 30g protein. Duck contains high fat, but it is under skin, you can remove it before cooking for low fat and high protein.

You can even add vegetables and fruits to make it more delicious and to get required vitamins and minerals.

Alfalfa 10g – This seeds contains high-level of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Also, they have low cholesterol.

Coriander 10g – It contains anti-inflammatory properties that deal with oxidizing effects. Also, vitamin K in it helps to boost muscle capillaries and builds nutrients required for muscles.

White and red cabbage 160g – Cabbage is a good source of vitamin C and amino acid glutamine that helps for the growth of muscle.

Carrot 80g – It will have a good amount of vitamin A and carotenoids. They reduce inflammation and promote cells growth.

Hemp and sesame seeds 1 tablespoon – These seeds speed up the muscle recovery process.

Mix coriander, Alfalala, and seeds, sprinkle them on duck breast just before eating. You can even garnish it with soya sauce, wine vinegar, brown sugar, red chilli, and olive oil. You can even try other recipes with duck breast for your everyday diet.

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