The Best NY-Style Pizzas Worth Trying In Arizona!

Arizona is known for its tacos. In fact, they even have a Taco festival every year! This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on pizzas. Some of the pizzerias in the state are known for its incredibly diverse menus, and if you like NY-style pizza, you should definitely try the varied options. In this post, we are sharing more on the types of pizzas that you must order in AZ.

The NY combo

This is your classic NY pizza that has pepperoni, Italian sausages, selected bell peppers with black olives and mushrooms on the top. If you are a fan of many toppings, this could be a perfect pick, especially in the thin-crust variant and with lots of cheese.

New York Cheesesteak

For many people, New York Cheesesteak doesn’t need any introduction. It includes beef, mushrooms, bell peppers, alfredo, and provolone. In case you had to order just one thing at a pizzeria in Arizona, this is all you need.

Classic Margherita

Many pizza fans love their toppings to be light and easy, and the Classic Margherita is just what they need. This pizza has nothing but selected tomato sauce, garlic butter, with roasted garlic, butter, balsamic vinegar, and loads and loads of cheese. Not to forget, this is also the best ones in budget.

Meatlovers Pizza

The standard Meatlovers Pizzaincludes pepperoni, ham, bacon with meatballs, and we promise that this one can never disappoint. You can always choose added toppings as you want, but this is a complete pizza in itself.

Make your own

Many pizzerias in Arizona also allow for gluten-free pizza, so if you have diet restrictions, you should definitely consider these options. Then, of course, you can always select your preference of crust and toppings and create your own pizza. Some pizzerias also have a wide range of salads, pasta, and lasagna to choose from, which are great on the sides. Ask the pizzeria for their recommendations, and don’t forget to try the classic thin crust, which is often better in taste.

Final word

Pizza is all about preference, but you cannot go wrong with any of the standard New York-style pizzas we just mentioned. Just check online now and find more details of the best pizzerias in AZ near you, so that you can review their menus and call for an immediate order. Party hard with the classic Margherita this weekend.