What Are The Best BBQ Spots In The US? Find Here!

Fans of BBQ are very particular about their favorites. They often want to stick to their regular restaurants in the city and explore the dishes served by the best pit masters. If you are a foodie, you wouldn’t mind trying America’s best BBQ spots, and for you help, here is a quick list.

  • Kansas City. Many locals here wait for weekdays when their best restaurants serve burnt ends, and it is always limited in supply. The pit masters of the city have a rich history, and nothing compares with the standard options like smoked pork belly, in-house sausages. If you are in KC, don’t forget to try the craft beers, which are as famous.
  • In this Tennessee city, the barbeque style is slightly different than others. The sauce is often added to the meat as the cooking process is on, and there are all kinds of additional unique recipes that you can find, including barbeque pizza.
  • Austin. It is not even surprising that a city from Texas is on the list. The Tex-Mex style of barbeque is unique and has a specific fan following. If you are here, try the beef brisket, which is a hit at almost every other restaurant. There are ready platters that you can choose from, which are great for trying different meats.

  • Houston. Another city in Texas that is known for its meats, no matter you are a fan of sausage, ground pork, or beef. Don’t miss the baked potato in vegetarian options, and give a shot to pecan pie. Local guides will help you choose between restaurants, but most of the BBQ restaurants have their specialties.
  • OKC. Oklahoma City has some similarities in the BBQ scene with KC. The meat menu here is quite diverse, and the love for brisket and sausage never fades. There are some great local eateries that serve unique items like BBQ burgers and sandwiches, so try them out, as well.

While KC wins the BBQ race for many, you can also consider Atlanta on your list, where you can find the best ribs. The restaurants in these cities have received rave reviews, and some are not merely about the food, but also about ambience and crowd. You can check online to find more on best eateries in KC, and don’t forget to read the reviews before you step in and order the must-try items.