Enjoying Sushi without Ingesting Too Much Calories

Anyone who is trying to control their calorie intake would opt for sushi. Processed foods sacrifice flavor to be a low-calorie option; however, low-calorie sushi options are as delicious as options with high calories. In terms of Japanese sushi, there is a trend towards simplicity and the simpler the sushi the lower the calorie count. But, it is important to note that calorie counts depend on the restaurant and roll size.

Enjoying the Sushi Experience on a Diet

The ambiance of a sushi restaurant in Vail, the savoring of flavors, and the use of chopsticks compel customers to enjoy their food, feel some kind of satisfaction, and prevent them from eating too much. Rather than having the food served all at once, customers can order as they finish rolls and sushi items, achieving an ideal level of satisfaction without being stuffed.

Simple Sushi Options

Sashimi or raw fish without any rice is the simplest sushi. Customers may think that since sashimi skips the rice, it can have fewer calories per piece. But, people should know that rice is lower in calories than some types of fresh fish. Tuna and salmon sashimi is around 40-50 calories per piece and a sashimi order may include 3 pieces. Some restaurants even serve very huge pieces that go beyond those calorie estimates. But, sashimi is denser in calories because it is protein-heavy fish. Also, it is more filling than rolls. Thus, it is a great choice for a filling addition to a low-calorie meal. But, it may not be the best low-calorie option in itself.

Taking It Easy on the Rolls

Sushi lovers who are trying to manage their diet should know that the California roll has 255 calories, which is not bad. The main pitfall of people who consider sushi as a healthy food option is tempura. Tempura is deep fried butter. Those who opt for shrimp roll will be surprised to know every roll comes in at 508 calories which is nearly as huge as a Big Mac. Also, the Philadelphia roll, which includes smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber can be anywhere from 400-500 calories.

Those who love sushi and want to maintain a healthy diet don’t have to avoid all of the more complex western rolls. But, as with anything, moderation is important. A Sake roll, California roll, cucumber roll, and some pieces of sashimi offer satisfaction without consuming more than 700 calories.