Exploring The New-Age Fun Bakery Products!

What do we really think when we talk of a bakery? Cakes, pastries, cookies, and chocolates? Many bakeries are now moving on, offering a wide range of products that are anything but ordinary. From unique birthday cakes on almost any theme, to cake pop and cookies that can be colored, there are so many new products. Bakers are now focusing on diversification and offering more options for customers, and they are taking up the challenge of revamping standard bakery products into something more enjoyable, tasty, and fun.

Coloring cookie kits

Only a handful of bakers thought of the idea, but it’s winning hearts already. Coloring cookie kits allow kids and adults to color their cookies, and bakeries are working on all sorts of ideas, from unicorns to mermaids and more. The idea is to make a standard cookie more appealing and tastier. Color the cookie, add some sprinklers, and you can be as create as you want.

Themed birthday cakes

Gone are times when we would step into a random bakery and select a cake. Now, parents love custom cakes for kids, and even adults are willing to spend on themed cakes that stand for style, appeal, athletics, and of course, taste. Bakeries have their own take on birthday cakes too. From using fresh fruits, to uniquely sourced ingredients from different parts of the globe, cakes for every occasion can be entirely conceptual.

Party boxes

If you are inviting special guests to your home, and would want them to take back something that’s worth the memories, you can go for party boxes, which can contain anything from assorted cookies, to mix of teas, muffins and more. Party boxes can be customized and ordered in bulk, and if this is a big party, we really recommend that you go for an advanced order, to get the kind of products you want.

Cookie jars

What can be more interesting than a nice-looking jar filled with cookies. Cookie jars are now a standard feature at many bakeries, who want guests to try a variety of options and flavors, before they pick one. The jars are often designed with adequate care, to ensure that the buyer has something collectible to keep too, which is a great way of branding.

Check online now to find more on bakery products, and do try new things that are being baked to perfections. Confection and bakery items are no longer the same!