How to Choose the Best Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese cuisine walks the same tightrope as several other Asian cuisines do. They always try to maintain an impossible balance between all elements – sour, bitter, sweet, salty, warm and cold, simmered and rare. If you are just a beginner at enjoying Vietnamese cuisine, you need to choose the right restaurant that serves the best spread of all kinds of Vietnamese dishes. There are many Vietnamese restaurants that have come up with some spectacular flavorsome and authentic dishes, like Firebird Hanoi Hannah, the best restaurant at Prahran.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a good Vietnamese restaurant:

  • Create a list

First, make a list of all the popular restaurants which appear when you search for the best Vietnamese restaurant. You can even ask people who are regular to Vietnamese restaurants as they can suggest to you the names of some tried and tested ones. Then you can choose the one that you could visit easily after going through its menu that can be available on their website.

  • Check ratings & reviews

When you go through the restaurant’s website, check for positive and negative reviews and ratings as well. By doing this you can even get an idea about its pricing, and their most unique and customized Vietnamese dishes too. This way, as a starter you can easily decide which Vietnamese restaurant you would like to visit.

  • Never get confused with summer rolls

If you are trying Vietnamese cuisine at the best Vietnamese restaurant in Prahran, you would most likely get confused with summer rolls. Don’t go with its name, summer rolls can be ordered and enjoyed all year round. They are summer rolls that are rolled steamed snacks that can be eaten during day time.

  • Ask whether they serve vegetarian dishes as well

Vietnamese cuisine is an Asian cuisine that caters to a plant-based and meat lover diet people. But you could come across a few Vietnamese restaurants that might not serve vegetarian dishes. Especially, if you are looking for a group booking, don’t choose a Vietnamese restaurant that does not offer vegetarian dishes.

  • Find a little bit of funky flavor

The first rule of any Vietnamese cuisine is that when you eat your ordered dish, all your senses must go “Unami”. Besides being one of the healthiest cuisines, it is much more than just being salty, sweet, spicy, or sour; it’s savory. Fish sauce, in Vietnamese cuisine, is the creator of Unami. And it is used in almost all non-vegetarian dishes as well.

  • Enjoy the complete experience

You must not get too intimidated by the ambiance or the menu. You should pay more attention to food and the whole experience. Most people get carried away while ordering. There is no harm in taking assistance from the waiter as they can guide you as per your preference.

If you are looking for the best restaurant at Prahran serving delicious Vietnamese cuisine, do a reservation at Firebird Hanoi Hannah today. All the Vietnamese dishes are prepared in their own unique style, in a way that you would crave for more.