How Vivino is Changing the Wine Industry

Vivino is changing the wine industry, and for a good reason. No one wants to buy a bottle of wine that they don’t enjoy, which often happens when you go by recommendations from friends or what looks pretty on the label. Vivino makes it simple to find out if that Pinot Noir will pair well with your meal.

Vivino provides a platform for users to create and share their ratings of wines. This means that you can find out quickly if the wine your friend highly recommended is worth it or not. Vivino’s system makes sense because we will often buy something based on how it looks, but once at home, try to pair it with a meal.

In addition, Vivino allows you to search for wines by name, grape, country, or region and see user ratings on that wine so you can be sure it is worth buying before even opening the bottle!

Vivino is not only suitable for individuals, but it also benefits the wine industry by allowing wineries to gain exposure. If you are a small producer or new to selling your wines, having them rated on Vivino will ensure that people know about them and can find out where they can buy your product.

In conclusion, Vivino is changing the wine industry by making it easier to find out if a bottle of wine will be worth your money.