Knowing How to Slice your Steak Correctly to Keep Its Flavor

Cutting steak into nice, attractive bites is something any steak enthusiasts can handle. The trick is to learn how to do it. How you cut your steak does not only impact its visual appeal but also its flavor and texture. Whether you want to achieve the most appetizing look for your steak or maintain the tenderness you love about your ribeye, your knowledge of slicing steaks properly can help. Keep reading to know how to cut your steak the right way to ensure you will have the best experience when you visit the Whiskey Prime Steakhouse at Angel of the Winds:

Let the Steak Rest for a Few Minutes

Once your steak is served, let it a rest first before cutting it. Resting is a process of letting the cooked steak sit on a plate or cutting board for round 10-15 minutes before slicing it. This allows the steak’s juice to run back through it. Slicing the steak immediately will make the meat dryer and chewier than it would when you let it rest for a few minutes. Also, resting brings back the flavor through the meat from its juices.

Go Against the Grain

After letting your steak rest, it’s time to dive in. In terms of slicing most meat, you must go against the grain. The grain of meat refers to the direction of the muscle fibers. In any steak cut, you will see lines through the meat going in the same direction. Some cuts have a grain that is quite easy to spot. Cutting with the grain might leave you with a chewier cut. Break up those muscle fibers using your knife will prevent your teeth from doing all the hard work. You will end up with a tender piece of bee that will nearly fall apart in your mouth when cooked correctly.

Find the grain first. Meat grains can run vertically or horizontally, depending on who sliced the beef slab and what kind of cut it is. If you order a steak with a bone in it, the fibers will often run the same way as the bone, thus, you must cut the opposite way the bone runs.

Use the Right Steak Knife

Cutting steak is just a piece of the puzzle. It is also important to use the right steak knife to do the job. Using a dull knife will leave you with a hacked-up pile of dried-out meat. If you want those crisp, clean lines that leave your steak juices intact, use the right knife. Take your knife and put it perpendicular to the grain on the smaller end of the steak. Slide the blade gently across the steak a few times until it slices through.