Planning to Make a Pizza at Home? Here are the Tips You Should Follow

You can either order a pizza online, go have it in the pizza place or make it in the comfort of your own home. If you are wanting do to something more of the latter, here are the tips you can try to make wicked home made pizzas.

  • Cook the pizza on a preheated surface

If you want to add an artisan and pizzeria vibe to your pizza, always use a preheated heavy surface. There are many options available for the same like a pizza stone, a heavy duty baking sheet, an upside down cast iron skillet etc. You can use whatever is available easily to you. But ensure to preheat the surface in a hot oven 30 minutes before you make your pizza.

  • Cook it at extremely high temperatures

Restaurant pizza ovens are capable of getting very hot. In order to recreate the taste, it is essential that your oven temperature is set at a very high temperature, around 500 degrees F.

  • Cook it on a parchment paper

There are many people who dust their pizza with cornmeal, then lay the pizza dough on top, then they create the pizza, then they put it in the oven. The cornmeal prevented the pizza to slide off the peel and never created a mess. Some ended up in the oven floor and burn. In order to avoid this, you can use the parchment paper. It transfers the pie with such an ease and there is less mess as well.

Pizza Slice.
  • Try something unique with the sauces

The typical red pizza sauce may get quite boring, but there are other options as well like pesto, ranch dressing, salsa, ketchup, fried beans, alfredo sauce, BBQ sauce etc.

  • Never overcook your protein

You can try undercooking your protein because it will be cooked eventually once it is on the pizza. For instance, don’t cook your bacon till it becomes crispy as it will be eventually cooked with it comes out of the oven.

  • Be creative with the pizza toppings

You can try branching out the toppings as well. You can go for a plain pepperoni and cheese pizza too, but feel free to experiment with the creative toppings as well.

  • Brush your crust with the mix of olive oil and garlic

This helps in enhancing the flavor of your pizza. All you have to do is add extra virgin olive oil in a dish and add chopped garlic to it. Then, before you add any more toppings, you can brush your crust with it ensuring that there are some garlic pieces on your crust too.