Scottsdale Food Festivals: Best Destination For Food Lovers

Scottsdale is a suburban city of Phoenix in Maricopa country, located in the southern-central part of Arizona in the US. The city is famous for both its residential beauty as well as a travel destination for wanderers. The place is symbolic of its art, culture, fashion, etc., which also portrays fashion influenced by Paris and Milan. The city came into existence in the year 1888 and derived its name from Winfield Scott, who had settled there in the 1880′. The city is also recognized for its history, as some very famous historical sites are a must-visit you plan a trip to Scottsdale. Found by Frank Lloyd Wright, an architectural school, Taliesin West is now recognized as a world heritage site as instructed by UNESCO in 2019. Besides its historic relevance, the Scottsdale food festivals add value to the place.

What is the festival all about?

Founded in the year 1978, the culinary festival is currently running in its 42nd year. It adds to the legacy of the place. Initially, the festival’s idea was to fund the Scottsdale center for performing arts, and that’s how the contribution continues. Since the year 2000, there has been a contribution of about 4.5 million dollars in performing arts. Besides that, talking about the Scottsdale wine tasting event: if you are a wine lover, this is a festival for you to have your hands on. This may be the perfect place for you to smell, taste, and grab a sip of the award-winning wines. If not wine, you must be a chocolate lover. Scottsdale chocolate tour is the one for you. It is a walkway tour, where you can go hopping from one stall to another, filled with chocolates and cakes, to add to your dream chocolate journey. Not to forget, the tacos, pizzas, and crafts beer of Arizona that provides a vast option to choose from.

Sum up

Apart from the craft, culture, history, etc., Scottsdale’s enriched food festival is something to be drooling over. The place is also competent enough to provide you with luxurious stay options. If you plan to visit the place, your journey would be incomplete without attending the festival. So, book your tickets, and get going on your ideal food journey to Scottsdale. The above points are sufficient to give a brief idea about the context. However, you can still expand your ideas about it.