Six Spices that Make Indian Food in Downtown Denver Special

Indian food is known for its delicious spices, complex flavor pairings, and curries. Indian chefs combine ingredients such as cayenne, tamarind, cardamom, and other pungent ingredients to make unique Indian dishes. If you haven’t tried an Indian dish, you might be wondering what makes it special.

An average Indian food uses at least 7 ingredients that don’t have overlapping flavors. Indian restaurants create knockout dishes using ingredients that have a unique component when mixed into the final meal. Indian dishes are the only ones in the world that use around 2100 ingredients out of the 381 ingredients used in the world.

Below are the most common ingredients used for Indian food in Downtown Denver.


Nearly all Indian curries are made using cumin. This aromatic spice can be used as seeds, grounded or toasted. Cumin is known for its warm and earthy flavor as well as slightly bitter taste. It plays well with other spices to make sumptuous curries and food.


Indian food is made using fresh ginger as an ingredient to add a peppery flavor to it. Bu, ginger tends to spoil quickly when exposed to room temperature. That is why it must be stored in the freezer to preserve it. Indian cooks just grate the exact amount of ginger they need into their pot and return the rest in the freezer.

Mustard Seeds

These seeds are commonly used for adding flavor to the majority of Indian delicacies. Many chefs appreciate the stronger flavor of the black mustard seed than the yellow or white seeds. There are also brown mustard seeds but they are not very common. Cooks toss a few seeds of the mustard in a bit of oil until they pop and split and release the peppery flavor. The oil with the popped mustard seeds is used for flavoring vegetables and soups.


The majority of Indian dishes have yellow color due to the turmeric used. Turmeric also adds flavor to the dishes. It is often used in curries. This spice is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Cardamon has a strong flavor so it has to be cautiously used. This will prevent masking milder flavors when used in excess. It must be stored in the freezer when not in use to avoid losing its freshness.


Many Indians love to use the Ceylon cinnamon to add a delicate sweetness to their recipes. Cinnamon is known for its antioxidant properties that help drop the levels of cholesterol in the body.