The Best Guide to Making the Perfect Chicken Wings

Chicken wings bring people together. Chicken wing lovers are ready to abandon any social etiquette at first bite. However, saucing up perfectly crisped chicken wings and driving into the pleasurable experience of eating them hot and fresh while watching your favorite football game is a very American thing. We have worked on tracking down some of the best restaurants which likely the best wings in Kansas City.

But, you can the best wings make them yourself if you following the guide:

Begin with the Dry Skin

The best chicken wing has crispy skin; however, this is something you cannot easily achieve especially in the oven. Many people sauce their wings before putting them in the oven. In order to achieve crispy, oven-baked wings, you must ensure the skin is totally dry. After you remove the wings from the package, pat them dry with a paper towel. Get a cookie sheet lined with a paper towel and loosely cover the chicken with wax paper.

Keep in mind that salting and chilling will slightly dry out the skin, which is key to getting the skin crispy when fried. Just ensure you leave them uncovered in the fridge to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Bake Them at a High Heat

When baking the wings ensure your oven is hot to achieve perfect crispness. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees, line a rimmed baking sheet with foil and then top with an oven-safe baking rack. Put the wings in a single layer on the rack and bake them for around 35 minutes. Make sure to flip halfway through. They should be done when the juices run clear.

You can use a Dutch oven on the stovetop. Just fill it with oil to cover the wings with no danger of bubbling over the top. The oil should be heated to 375 degrees. When adding the chicken, ensure there is room between the pieces. Otherwise, the oil will cool down too much and the wings will not cook quickly.  You will get nice and golden brown wings after about 8-10 minutes.

Give a Variety of Flavors

If you are preparing chicken wings for a party, go beyond spicy Buffalo sauce to keep every mouth happy. If the wings are done, don’t sauce them right away. Instead, let them cool for a few minutes. Divide the wings in separate bowls and add various sauces to each. Serve something sweet, spicy, and something unexpected like lemon pepper or soy ginger.