The Best Places To Try BBQ In Kansas City!

Barbeque food is more than just about smoked meats. If you have been thinking of a nice escapade away from home, you should definitely plan a trip to KC.  With an incredible food scene, there are some nice small wonders that you can explore here, and mountain biking can be quite fun. You can rent cars and bikes easily, which remain the best ways to explore around. BBQ fans in Kansas City will agree that restaurants here are better than many big cities. If Texas is famed for its brisket, this is where you will find the best smoked pork.

In this post, we are sharing all about trying BBQ food in Kansas City!


Easily among the better new restaurants in KC, Q39 stands out for its ambience. However, make no mistake about the food either. It is best to book an appointment in advance, as Q39 is often full even on weekdays. Their pork belly, smoked and cooked to perfection, is a local favorite, and you should definitely try their pit master brisket sandwich, which is a specialty. Of course, there are burnt ends. Q39 also has your classic meats, so chicken wings, or salmon filet, should be easy picks.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Talk of the top known places for BBQ, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que stands out. They now have three outlets, and the days are usually very busy. Their burnt ends are only reserved for selected days of the week, which is a bummer but worth the wait. One of their best menu items include smoked ribs. You can also try simpler ones like baked beans.

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

Counted among the best places to try ribs, Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque stands out for many reasons. They have the burnt ends sandwich, which is worth the experience. The restaurant is also famed for its in-house sauces and have been praised by many celebs.

Jones BBQ

If you want to grab some BBQ basics and jet off on a drive, Jones BBQ is among the best places to go. Run by Jones sisters, BBQ for them is about family tradition. Do try their sausages, which are local favorites, and they also have some nice combos.

As you may have guessed, exploring BBQ in Kansas City is worth the experience. You will also love the basics at most restaurants, including slaws and dips, which are served with BBQ items.