The Top 5 Schnapps Cocktails to Make Your Barbecue a Hit

When planning a successful Aussie barbecue, don’t overlook the importance of refreshing beverages. A cold beer is a classic choice, but why not shake things up and surprise your guests with some delightful Schnapps cocktails? Schnapps, a distilled spirit known for its diverse flavours, can add a unique twist to any drink, making it a perfect ingredient for your barbecue cocktails.

Without further ado, let’s reveal our list of the top 5 Schnapps cocktails that will make your Australian barbecue an unforgettable event.

Peachy Aussie Punch

First up is the Peachy Aussie Punch, a fruity mix that combines the sweet taste of peach Schnapps with the citrusy kick of classic Aussie Bundaberg rum. You’ll need Bundaberg rum, peach Schnapps, fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, and a splash of lemonade. Mix all the ingredients in a large punch bowl and serve chilled. This refreshing drink pairs perfectly with spicy barbecued prawns or a classic sausage sizzle.

Bushranger’s Brew

The Bushranger’s Brew is a cocktail that brings together the crisp taste of apple schnapps with the robust flavour of Aussie whisky. To make this, you’ll need apple schnapps, Australian whisky, lemon juice, and a dash of bitters. Shake all the ingredients over ice, strain into a glass, and garnish with a slice of apple. This cocktail is a fantastic match for rich meats like lamb chops or beef skewers.

Outback Sunset

Next is the Outback Sunset, a vibrant cocktail that echoes the stunning colours of an Australian sunset. For this you’ll need peach schnapps, vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, and a splash of grenadine. Mix the ingredients, pour over ice, and watch as the layers mimic a sunset. This sweet and tangy cocktail goes well with grilled fish or chicken skewers.

Coolabah Crush

The Coolabah Crush is a refreshing cocktail featuring the cool flavours of mint and cucumber, spiked with apple schnapps and gin. Muddle fresh mint and cucumber in a glass, add apple schnapps and gin, top with soda water, and stir gently. This crisp cocktail is a great accompaniment for light dishes like grilled veggies or seafood.

Peppermint Patty Down Under

Lastly, we have the Peppermint Patty Down Under, a dessert cocktail that features the sweet, cooling taste of peppermint schnapps. Combine peppermint schnapps, chocolate liqueur, cream, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a blender. Blend until smooth and serve in a chilled glass. This creamy cocktail is the perfect finish to a hearty barbecue meal.

Remember, the key to serving cocktails at a barbecue is to prepare as much as you can in advance. Pre-mix your ingredients, have plenty of ice on hand, and consider beautiful garnishes like fresh fruit slices or herbs. These small touches can elevate your cocktails from good to great.

So there you have it – five sensational Schnapps cocktails to make your Aussie barbecue a hit. Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or by the beach, these cocktails are going to impress your guests. And who knows, you might just find a new favourite.