What you Should Know about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you are like many people, you have probably heard about the benefit of extra virgin olive oil to human health. In fact, you might be informed about its usefulness in the Mediterranean cuisine and others. However, do you know how pick the best extra virgin olive oil? Are you going to opt for the green oil or the yellow? You may have many questions now and this article will guide you in making the right choice:

When the Olive is Harvest Determines the Oil Quality

The use of fully ripe olives does not produce better oil. Italian olive oil is richer in antioxidants when made from unripe olives harvested before completing the biological process. In general, organic olive oil has higher levels of antioxidants than other kinds of oil. When harvesting this type of oil, it is important to consider that the fruit’s ripening time depends on the vagaries of the weather.

Conserving Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As with all fats, it’s important to protect extra virgin olive oil from oxidation and being in contact with a polluting substance. Heat, light, and smell change its properties so it must be carefully preserved. Because oil tends to easily absorb odor, it is commonly used for producing essences, perfumes, flavored oils, and balms. However, oil is also exposed to the risk of absorbing smells. Thus, it should be kept away from fragrant detergents and paint cans, as well as in locations where mildew may not grow and smoke smells do not fill the air.

Is Yellow Better than Green Oil?

Oil ranges in color from yellow to green, with infinite intermediate shades. The greener oil is fresher and richer in chlorophyll than its yellow counterpart. Yellow oil is richer in carotene and is as good as green oil. Oil that is reddish-orange has become oxidized and must not be consumed.

Kinds of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is categorized into slightly fruity, fruity, or intensely fruity. Slightly fruity oil is sweet, soft, and with a delicate aroma, making it an ideal choice for frying fish, preparing white sauces, and seasoning meat or fish. Fruity oil is tasty and fragrant, so it is perfect for preparing fried lake fish, green sauces, sautéing vegetables, and making fish soups. Lastly, intensely fruit extra virgin olive oil is quite tasty and makes the throat tingle. It is often used for preparing boiled, stewed, or braised beef, pulses and vegetable soups, and grilled red meat.