Working With A Catering Service For Your Next Event: Check These Tips!

Guests may forget what a party was about, but they do remember the dining experience and food. Good food and service can make or break your next event, and it goes without saying that you need a reliable caterer. In fact, right after you have selected the venue, take your time to sort the Minneapolis food & drink catering service. Here are some quick tips to follow!

  • Start with response. A reliable catering service should show interest in your event, no matter the number of guests. Some caterers may not want to take up catering for smaller parties, but even in such cases, they must give a responsive.
  • Find more on the cuisines. This is the age of fusion food, international cuisines, and caterers are more than willing to please. When you review your options, check the range of food items, cuisines and dishes a service specializes in. Sampling can be done much later, but insist on that, especially for bigger events.

  • Service does count. Caterers need to know what it takes to serve the guests and must have a full profile of workers. Make sure that you have discussed the services in advance, and the list of inclusions and exclusions.
  • Ask for references and check reviews. You are a smart organizer, and probably, you will never choose a catering service, unless you have checked for online reviews. Similarly, do ask for references. A caterer who has been around for a while will never shy away from sharing details of events and parties they have managed.
  • Flexibility counts. Flexibility is a big factor for food & drink catering. You need a service that has fixed menus, but will be willing to customize the same to suit your event. Caterers may have a few fixed policies, so check in advance.
  • Ask for proposals. Once you have discussed what you need for an event, the next step is to ask for proposals. Make sure that everything that has been promised by the caterer is mentioned on paper. Price alone shouldn’t be a reason to select a caterer, but the estimate does matter.

  • Sampling on the day of the event. Most caterers may offer a sampling session for free beforehand, while others might have a small fee for that. In some cases, you will be asked to taste at an event before yours, which is a great way to evaluate their services.

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