Arizona Food 101: Unusual Tacos You Must Try In Phoenix!

If you are in Phoenix for work or leisure, you need to try the local food. The list of recommendations would be incomplete without tacos. Arizona residents have incredible love for tacos, and you are likely to find more fusion options here than anywhere else. Every year, the Arizona Taco Festival, which happens in October, celebrates the uniqueness of this Mexican dish. In this post, we are sharing unique styles and options you must try at Phoenix taco shops.

Tacos de Lengua

Tacos de Lengua is definitely an acquired taste, because it contains cow tongue! Yes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, cow tongue is not hard to chew but is soft and easy to eat. Not many restaurants serve Tacos de Lengua, but if you are in Phoenix, you don’t have to try hard.

Shark Taco

Shark may not seem to be the classic filling for a taco, and that’s why it’s on our list. The tortilla used for making the tacos is super thin usually, and the shark meat is nicely marinated, often seasoned with beer and selected spices. Top it up with any sauce of your liking, but on its own, this is a nice pick.

Cochinita Pibil Tacos

The preparation of these tacos is as fancy as the name itself. Basically, this is a pork variant, where the meat is nicely seasoned and marinated in sour orange, after which it is grilled. The flavor is citrusy to say the least, and you don’t really need any toppings or cheese. If you have to try one option from this list, Cochinita Pibil Tacos is the one for flavors alone.

Heirloom Quinoa Tacos

If you are looking for more than a standard veggie taco, Heirloom Quinoa Tacos could be a good choice. It, of course, contains quinoa, with corn, avocado and beans. Not many restaurants serve this, but if you can find one, do give it a shot. Not that it can replace your beef or chicken, but this certainly is a good twist to standard tacos.

Al Pastor Tacos

The last on this list is Al Pastor Tacos. In case you didn’t know, Al Pastor is sliced pork, which has been seasoned with selected spices, chilis and pineapples. If you don’t like the ground beef tacos, we recommend that you check for this one.

Don’t miss tacos in Phoenix – You may come back to the city for this alone!