Briefing on Practical Etiquette Tips to Enjoy Seafood in a Restaurant

People who love seafood have to be extra careful while eating to avoid looking clumsy and childish. The worse embarrassing problem arises when you need to eat sea creatures with hard shells like crabs, lobsters, mussels, and others.  It happens to all, but there are certain things to keep in mind while eating seafood that you need to meticulously follow, for seafood lovers who planning to visit Tucson & searching for the best seafood restaurant in Tucson, make sure to visit Angry Crab Shack. There you will get to relish on best cooked seafood deliciously flavored dishes.

Here are few ways to adapt to eat seafood skillfully:

  • Lobster – Lobsters are always served by cutting down the mid part of it. Hence, start eating its flesh of the center part while using knife and fork. You can use lobster crackers and press the claws till they break. Fork is good to use to remove flesh from within the claws.
  • Mussels – They are given in a bowl mussel layered in the creamy sauce. You are quite eager to eat that you start removing the shells using hands. The trick is to use empty shell to use as pincher in removing the fleshy part of the mussels. The sauce is usually relished soaked in bread. Yes, it is really tasty that way to dip bread and have the sauce in your mouth.

  • Oysters: It is really messy to eat oysters, if they are still sticking to the shell. It is best to use fork to detach them and pick their flesh to eat. The other way is to bring the shell having wider opening towards your mouth. It is easy to tip the shell letting the juice and oyster flesh in your mouth.
  • Prawns: Diners are really scared when prawns are served with its head, shell and tail intact on it. You don’t need to worry as the hard parts all are loose and can be easily detached using fork. Otherwise, pull the head and tail swiftly, the jerk is enough to lose the shell and it will come off and the mid part of the shell can be removed by using fork. By using knife and fork you can remove the back thread on its body before you start to eat. Prawns having only tail as they are usually cooked then you just need to hold the tail end and eat the fleshy part of the prawn.